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About the Studio

Tattoos Built To Last

BTL is a craft business where everyone is welcome. We do our best so that every tattoo artist as well as every customer feels comfortable and supported. This means that the focus remains entirely on customer-specific work.

Our opening times are:

Monday to Friday: 11: 00-19: 00
Saturday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Appointments can be made directly in the studio, by email (info@tattoosbuilttolast.ch).

If you want to stay informed about upcoming guest tattoo artists, follow us on  Facebook and Instagram.

If you arrive by car: a customer parking lot is located directly in front of the studio.

Meet the team

We are a group of friends who share a common love for the world of tattoos, art, music and street culture. Creation defines us with hand and heart, and we now fill it with our work



Tattooshop Manager

My name is Carlos, I come from Spain. I will receive you warmly and take care of you, advise you on the different tattoo styles (Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Fineline, Black and Gray, etc.) and answer all your questions. I am always at your disposal. I look forward to getting to know you and accompanying you in choosing your tattoo.


Head Tattooer and Co-Manager

I’m Alberto, I also come from Spain. I coordinate the resident and guest artist and take care of the control of the quality of the production. Of course I will look at and create the best designs with you. I am open to all types of tattoos, but I specialize in the neo-traditional and the realistic. I am very happy to implement your tattoo wishes and to create the ideal design with you.




Maria Alvarez

Seville, España
Studio Illuminaticorporation

Her style is a mixture of elegant geometry, fineline, fine dot work and microrealism.


Gaia Leone

Turin, Italia
Studio Hardtimes Tattoo

She defines her style as follows: “A traditional style that is gentle, but at the same time solid and classic”


Pamela Vecera

Turin, Italia
Studio Hardtimes tattoo II

Modern and colourful traditional style


Federica Ferrara

Roma, Italia
Studio kiss my darling

Traditional style


Gaia Zeta

Rome, Italy
Studio Timeless Tattoo

Clear, robust and powerful traditional style.


Forever more tattoo family

Massives Blackwork

Frédéric Florey

Friborg, suiza.
Noir tattoo

Neo-traditional and Japanese