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Studio policy

Your individual motif

All work in our studio is custom-made. The motifs are made individually by the respective tattoo artist based on the ideas and / or reference images of the customer (unless you decide on a motif already drawn by the tattoo artist). So you don’t need to have finished drawings. We are happy to advise you on implementation options and help you choose your motif.


Hygiene is a core issue in our studio and current practice is checked regularly. We follow the recommendations in the guidelines and leaflets of the Federal Office of Public Health and receive regular information from our hygiene product suppliers about new products and their use. In this area, too, the following applies: Come by and see for yourself. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them!


Fortunately, we are not alone on this planet. To ensure that this remains the case in the future and because we want to avoid unnecessary suffering wherever possible, we make sure that cruelty-free materials of non-animal origin are used wherever possible. Fortunately, some manufacturers of materials necessary for the tattooing process are now declaring their products as clearly free of content of animal origin (e.g. stencil stuff, some paint manufacturers, Spirit Vegan Thermal Transfer Paper, etc.). Wherever we come across such a declaration and the quality of the corresponding product is guaranteed, we use it.

For certain materials (e.g. surface and skin disinfection chemicals) such an explicit declaration is unfortunately not (yet?) Clearly verifiable or possible.
Due to the hygiene guidelines described above in our studio, e.g. It is not possible to use certain chemicals for cleaning work surfaces, as otherwise we would endanger the health of tattoo artists and customers. Nevertheless, we do our best in this area to pollute the environment as little as possible, e.g. use of Softasept N – Bacillol AF / -des to disinfect skin and surfaces.  Of course, these disinfectants are approved by the Federal Office of Public Health.

We are always on the lookout for alternatives of equal value and keep telling the various suppliers and manufacturers our need for responsible products.