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Tattoos have myriad styles as broad as the styles in painting, music, theater, etc. Here we explain some of the most important tattoo styles to help you choose the style that best fits your idea.


Realistic tattoos are the most advanced expression of tattoo realism. A portrait is the pinnacle of realism because it has a large number of details, expressions, structures and proportions that must be taken into account and executed with great accuracy on the skin. In view of the high level of detail and the time required, it is one of the most expensive styles, but it is worthwhile because of its great visual impact.


Traditional tattoos, also known as old school, refer to traditional American style and are characterized by thick black lines, a narrow color palette, and a flat two-dimensional perspective. Within the traditional style we find 2 important styles:

American Traditional


Characterized by thick black lines, with a range of flat colors and defined by concrete images, some examples of this style of tattoo are: cherries, pin-ups, thumbs and roses, anchors and eagles, nautical motifs (boats, sailors, anchors), Mermaids, swallows, hearts with ribbons and family names.

Japanese Traditional


Similar to the American style, (The American traditional was influenced by the Japanese style). Typically you can find geishas, lotus flowers, koi fish, Hannya mask (the Japanese demon), samurais, tigers, dragons and temples.


Geometric tattoos are in vogue and originally derived from the symbols of alchemy, a practice widespread in ancient times and into the Renaissance that included eclectic knowledge of various religions, as well as elements of astrology, esotericism, and mysticism. They are characterized by circles, lines and triangles that are sometimes intertwined.


Means “point work”, consists of points and has a lot to do with the style of pointillism. Typically only black or thinned and shaded black is used. In recent years, some artists have used colors, which has made this style even more original, exclusive and attractive. Another point to emphasize is that this style heals faster and is less painful because they are done punctiform and non-continuous traces.


This style combines elements of the new and traditional schools. This style features modern techniques, with more elaborate tattoos and many more details. This style is usually determined by classic old school motifs (animals, daggers, hearts, pin-ups, etc.). A wide range of colors give these tattoos elegance, are full of vibrancy and dimensionality.

New School

Referred to as “new school tattoos”, these are modern day tattoos that are various colors with a variety of shades, bright and electric, that create a contrast and definition that are characteristically noticeable. With this type of tattoo, it is imperative to use multiple tones of each color as it will give the graphic and visual effect that characterize it.

Black and Gray

They are very popular with people who want a design on their body that does not contain paint; usually this style of tattoo is used to create portraits or other figures where the gray scale stands out to add depth, volume and multidimensionality to their designs by defining lights, shadows and backgrounds.